Thursday, July 28, 2011

Discover Göteborg by foot

Well, the power walk didn't kill me, and as they say anything that doesn't kill you, makes you stronger... which is probably a very suiting thing to say about sports and exercise!^^
This Endomondo function is, by the way, a lot of fun when you're out walking. Every kilometer it tells you your speed and elapsed time to keep you motivated.
I ended up walking 8.79 km in 82 minutes. And yes, I need to brag about this since it's probably just as much exercise in one day that I managed to do in maybe the last 6 months altogether!

Anyhow, this wasn't really the main idea, bragging about by physical condition... I've discovered a lovely, and healthy, way of discovering my home city and I've decided to make a new route every day (or maybe not EVERY day) in order to see something new and exciting every time i exercise.

Today's path

Today I spent walking to the neighborhood where I grew up, walking my old path to school and rediscovered quite some childhood memories, and like always, a lot of new routes I didn't know existed!^^

From the time in Stora Gårda; Örgryte

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