Thursday, February 21, 2013

At the distributor's

To end the visit at Rungis we visited a large distributor of fruits and veggies. They provide a 24/7 service to about 400 restaurants and hotels every day. To complete their offer they have a large range of herbs I've never heard of, and also various Asian products.

Late Valentine's

Ridiculously cheap and too much to choose from.

My sweet berries

It smells like what I believe walkkng into a fruit salad would smell like!
Everything you can imagine, from all corners of the world.

Where's my Camembert?!

Enormous cheeses, making me feel like put into a live cartoon, Tom & Jerry!^^

Off to the steak house

Back in the bus and rolling off to the meat district. Rungis is gigantic, it's bigger than Monaco!