About Me

I travelled for the first time in my life at the age of 6 months, from Seoul to Gothenburg where I was brought up.
I attended a special French major in high school and moved to Paris 15 days after graduation to live the "French dream"; it's a wonderful dream to live.
After a couple of years not doing anything constructive with my life, my parents gave me an ultimatum; do something with your life, or move back to Sweden... I applied to a Bachelor in Hotel Management at Eshotel where I met Steve.
After receiving our diplomas we went to Marrakech to help his parents start up their guest house; Riad Flam.
3 years in Marrakesh, made me want to get going again, since settling down in Morocco was never my goal, so off we went... to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City.
And finally, one year later, I'm moving back to Paris to enroll a Hotel and Tourism Management MBA and living the glamourous student life once again!^^